Asset maintenance management and network monitoring.

    We have two products in widespread use around the world: Urgent and Statseeker. Both products are continually being enhanced and updated to deliver additional functionality and capability that help customers meet new and changing needs and challenges.

    • Asset maintenance management

      Urgent is the only complete asset maintenance management solution designed for - and used by - fuel and convenience retailers. In use at over 40,000 locations worldwide, Urgent helps deliver a better customer experience by keeping sites and stores running smoothly; minimising asset downtime, managing compliance and maximising revenues.

    • Network performance monitoring

      Statseeker is an innovative network performance monitoring solution for large scale critical IT and operational technology networks. With active deployments in over 22 countries, many Fortune 100 firms rely on Statseeker as an integral part of their day-to-day operations.

    • Techniche for EV Charging

      Techniche ensures the reliability and uptime of your EV charging stations by managing the availability, maintenance, and repair of all your EV charging assets, helping you ensure your chargers are working as they should, and your EV stations deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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