EVC Asset Maintenance Management.

    Ensure the reliability and uptime of your EV charging infrastructure with Techniche.

    How does Techniche improve the EV charging station experience for EV drivers and reduce ‘charger anxiety’?

    Techniche ensures the reliability and uptime of your EV charging stations by managing the availability, maintenance, and repair of all your EV charging assets, helping you ensure your chargers are working as they should, and your EV stations deliver an exceptional customer experience.

    Techniche asset maintenance management software manages the maintenance and repair of all assets across all your EV charging locations - such as the chargers, retail assets, lighting, and canopy. It measures and monitors asset downtime against your agreed SLAs and tracks your technicians’ performance.

    Techniche EV Charger Asset Reliability Model

    Techniche EV Charger Asset Maintenance Management Key Features

    • Automate alerting and key stakeholder notification with customized workflows, dispatching the right contractor to the right location, improving first time fix rate, and reducing time to repair. 
    • Track issues from initial discovery to resolution. Provides you with full visibility of asset downtime, capturing all recorded faults, even the remote fixes. 



    • Plan and schedule your preventative maintenance activity and reduce the number of charge points out of action at any time. 
    • Gain full visibility across all EV charging assets to drive operation performance and control repair and maintenance costs.  


    • Integrates with help desk ticketing, CPO monitoring cloud, maintenance contractor platform, or other third-party applications, including financial packages, using open industry standards. 

    Who does Techniche work with?

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